2024 Window Tint Laws

Navigating the Shades: Your Guide to California's 2024 Window Tint Laws

If you're searching for the most current information on California's 2024 window tint laws, you've come to the right place. Here at SAVS Window Tint, we provide detailed insights into the regulations to help you comply and avoid any fines.

Understanding Window Tint Regulations

Navigating California's window tint laws can be confusing. We address the three most common questions:

  • 1. What are the legal standards for window tint in California?
  • 2. How dark can window tint legally be on vehicles in California?
  • 3. Is a medical exemption available for front window tint in California?

These sections offer updated information to help prevent any issues with law enforcement over window tint violations.

Comprehensive Tinting Guidelines

Understanding the specifics of allowable window tint in California is crucial:

Front Side Windows.png

Front Side Windows

  • A minimum of 70% light must pass through.



  • Tinting is allowed only on the top 4 inches to shield the driver’s eyes from sunlight.

Rear Windows and Back Side Windows.png

Rear Windows and Back Side Windows

  • There are no limits on tint darkness, provided vehicles have dual side mirrors.

Reflectivity and Color Restrictions.png

Reflectivity and Color Restrictions

  • Window tint must not be more reflective than standard glass and cannot be in colors like red, amber, or blue.

Additional Guidelines and Exceptions: 

California’s window tint laws also cover several special circumstances and additional guidelines:

Medical Exemptions.png

Medical Exemptions

Provisions exist for those requiring darker tints due to medical conditions, necessitating certification from a medical professional and registration with the state.

Manufacturer Certificate.png

Manufacturer Certificate

Tint films must come with a manufacturer's certificate verifying compliance with state laws. Additionally, a sticker identifying legal tinting must be displayed on the vehicle.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

These rules are designed to ensure safety by maintaining adequate visibility while allowing some flexibility for privacy and vehicle aesthetics. By adhering to these guidelines, drivers can ensure they meet all legal requirements and avoid penalties.

For complete details on the updated laws, visit the comprehensive resource at Car Tint Law.



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